As business goes global and more employees work remotely, video job interviews are becoming increasingly common. And, in light of recent events, they may also become increasingly necessary. This mini-blog post will address how to have a successful video interview. 

For people who frequently use personal or business video platforms such as Skype or Zoom Meeting, a virtual job interview may not seem problematic. It shouldn’t be, not if you are well prepared—and if you remember that acting professionally isn’t limited to in-person interviews.

Unfortunately, some interviewees treat video interviews (and note that phone interviews are occasionally requested) far too casually. They don’t dress appropriately, the lighting in the room is poor, their audio/video equipment is faulty, or they call in from a noisy area and slurp on a drink during the interview.

Make no mistake: job interviews should be treated equally, whether you are speaking in person or from your home office. That means dressing and speaking professionally, shutting off distractions like your cell phone and email, and, if you live with others, making sure you are not disturbed during the call.

As electronic equipment is involved, some prior technical planning is also required. 


  1. Conduct a test the day before your interview with a friend to ensure your video and audio settings are optimal. Then test everything again an hour before your call.
  2. Choose a location that’s quiet and neutral in appearance (i.e., no garish posters or other visual distractions in the background). Make sure the room doesn’t sound “boomy” or has an echo.
  3. Lighting is important when it comes to making a good impression. Experiment beforehand with basic, three-point video lighting: a strong (but not harsh) “key” light on your face, a softer secondary light to remove any shadows, and a backlight (a shaded lamp will do) to provide depth to your video image.
  4. Place the camera lens at eye level for best results.

A job interview, no matter where or how it’s conducted, is all about preparation and professionalism. Follow the steps above and your video interview will be just as effective in helping you land that dream job as a face-to-face interview.