Working From Home: How to Get the Best of Both Worlds

April 19, 2020By Benjamin Umpleby

Working from home (WFH), once seen as a job perk for a select few or a creative means of reducing office space and costs, has now become, for many, a necessity. But WFH requires discipline and rules—sometimes in surprisingly counterintuitive ways. WFH. Telecommuting. The remote workspace.  No crowded transit or noisy office with all its … Read More

Job Interview Tips: Video

March 23, 2020By Benjamin Umpleby

As business goes global and more employees work remotely, video job interviews are becoming increasingly common. And, in light of recent events, they may also become increasingly necessary. This mini-blog post will address how to have a successful video interview.  For people who frequently use personal or business video platforms such as Skype or Zoom … Read More

Job Interview Tips: Preparing

March 13, 2020By Benjamin Umpleby

The job interview.  Just the thought of it can make even the most confident job-seeker nervous: sitting in a room with one or two strangers, talking about yourself and your aspirations, worried about saying something that will spoil your chances for a new opportunity.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. A job interview … Read More

Resume Writing: Get to the Top of the Pile

February 11, 2020By Benjamin Umpleby

Imagine shopping for a new car. You visit the showroom (or website) of an auto manufacturer, where you’re presented with a lengthy and exhaustive list of every component imaginable on the vehicle you’re interested in, whether big or small. You walk to a neighbouring dealership, where you are handed a well-organized, neatly arranged brochure that … Read More